Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.9 No.2

Current Issue
Sports Injuries among High School Athletes in 15 West Central Florida Schools

Karen Liller , Siwon Jang , Siew Wong , Barbara Morris , Soo Yeon Lee

9(2) 5-23, 2015

Assessment of Coaches` First Aid Knowledge and Decision Making in Youth Soccer

Jessica W. Chin , Lynnette Castro , Kyung Mo Han

9(2) 25-38, 2015

The Positive Impact of Commercialization of Intercollegiate Athletics on Institutions of Higher Education

Jong Geon Lim

9(2) 39-50, 2015

Application of the Points of Attachment Index (PAI) into a Physical Activity Context: Psychometric Evaluation

Jae Pil Ha

9(2) 51-67, 2015

Effect of the 12-weeks Combined Exercise in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type3

Sung Jin Yoon , Soo Been Park , Moon Jin Lee

9(2) 69-83, 2015

Study of MSD Prevention Exercise Program on Farmers in Korea: Props Pilates Stability and Balance Exercise (PPSBE)

Hye Jin Kim , Sang Nam Nam , Ungryel Bae , Hyun Kyung Shin

9(2) 85-99, 2015